flip in extensions

easy flip extensions

The quickest method of hair extension: easy flip extensions. This hair piece consists of a braid sewn multiple times, which is surrounded by a nylon thread. The thread is placed in the center of the head. The hair hides the thread. Thus the hair extension is absolutely invisible. These extensions are available in 12", 16", 20" and 24" (30, 40, 50, 60 cm) length and a hair weight of 70 to 130 grams. The hair tresses are proportioned to a hairpiece at normal natural hair density is sufficient for a complete hair extension. This type of hair extension is also known under other names: flip in extensions, secret extensions and halo hair extensions. We use the established name in Germany: "easy flip extensions".

This hairpiece can be attached in seconds. You put your own hair up, put the thread on the head, about 5 cm away from the forehead, and press the hair part down until it sits at the back of the head. Now you only have to pull the hair out with a hair comb, then you comb through - and the hair extension is finished. On YouTube, we uploaded a video, there you can see how quickly the easy flip extensions can be attached.

One pack of easy flip extensions contains the number of grams of real hair indicated in the article. The hair tress is reversible. One hair piece is sufficient for normal hairiness. With very dense hair, you could theoretically put two sets, but this could negatively affect the hold of the extensions.

What our customers say

flip in extensions erfahrungen

"After a good consultation I ordered in this shop and am more than satisfied. Great service, great extensions."


flip in extensions erfahrung

"Very fast delivery. The hair extension structure looks really natural and fits perfectly to my hair color."


flip in extensions berichte

"The quality of the goods is great, I am customer for many years and very convinced of your products."


flip in extensions tipps

"I was very curious !!! and am so excited !! color perfect, cuted the wire and everything looks great."


These extensions have a very long "life", as it is not permanently wearing the hairpiece and declines before sleep and shower, so the hair extension isn´t hardly used. This ensures a long dream time. Many of our customers wear the Flip in Extensions for several years. If the hair is properly treated and the hair extension is extended, it is no problem to wear the extensions for up to 5 years. However, if the hair part is dyed, smoothed daily or sprayed too often with alcoholic styling products, the "life" of hair extension is reduced dramatically.