pre bonded hair extensions

pre-bonded hair extensions

These hair extensions are provided with an u-tip keratin bond and can be attached by iron or ultrasonic device. It is important to note that the strands of your hair are as thick as the hair extensions. These extensions can be worn for up to 6 months. If the hair has grown out far enough after several months, the hair strands can be rebond again. For this you need new nail bonds, which you find in our shop in the category "accessories" in colors black, brown and transparent.

Hairextensions with nail bonds are available in different lengths (14" - 30" / 35 - 75 cm) and hair structures (straight, wavy, curly). If you are unsure about the color, please contact our customer service, we will be glad to help you. If required, we can provide you with a hair sample, so you can convince yourself of our quality and match your desired color.

One pack of these hair extensions contains 25 strands, 1 gram each. So you get 25 grams of human hair extensions per pack. Usually 4 packs are sufficient, with very dense hair you need 6-8 packs are for a complete goal of hair extension.

What our customers say

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"Quality of product is great, I´m a long time customer, very convinced of products."


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"I´m using the hair for years. The price is fair and the quality is great!"


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"One hundred percent. Super nice, super fast and the hair is the best."


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"My favorite hair extensions shop! Always very fast and in great quality!"

Melanie S.

How long you can wear this hair extension depends on how fast your own hair grows and how to maintain the extensions. The more gentle the handling of the hair extension the longer you usually have pleasure in wearing the extensions. Daily smoothing and washing shortens the life of hair extension as well as coloring and tinting. In most cases the extensions are reusable. You just need new bonds. After the set-up the hair extension can be worn for a further 3 months. As we are convinced by the quality of our extensions you will receive a satisfaction guarantee when purchasing the extensions in combination with your hair care kit.