After applying your hair extensions / hair compaction, the hair must not be washed and strongly brushed for at least 24 hours to cure the joints. The hair must never be combed or brushed in the wet state, in such a case there is the risk of hair breakage. Before the hair is combed or brushed, they should ideally be dried beforehand (especially the hair and the joints). It is essential to avoid tearing and tearing on the wet hair. It is recommended to use the fingers to sort the strands at least three times per day.


Brush the hair carefully before the hair wash with a special extension brush, loosen any knots with your fingers. The hair must never be washed by hand. Washing is usually done under the shower or at the back-wash basin at the hairdresser's. Wrinkles may occur during the headwash. Dispense the amount of shampoo in the hands and knead carefully into the hair, avoiding unnecessary scrubbing and rubbing (especially at the neck and joints). After each hair wash, use a hair treatment, spread the treatment in the hands and apply in the tips and lengths. Avoid the connection points. The hair treatment should be applied for at least 10 minutes, then thoroughly washed. Hair extensions should not be washed more than three times a week.


Do not rub the hair after washing, but carefully knead with a dry towel. The hair should be brushed only after drying. The balsam and a spray cure can be applied before or after the drying. Dry the hair almost dry and then style as desired. If you want to dry your hair in the air, blow dry the joints.


In addition, the hair should be brushed several times a day with the special extension hairbrush (usually in the morning and in the evening). Always first the tips, then the lengths and finally the approach, ie always from the bottom to the top, while holding the joints with one hand.


Your hair can be styled, kneaded, laid, smoothed or smoothed as desired. When styling with heat-emitting devices (hair dryer, flat iron, hot winder etc.) should be very carefully at the connection points. If the heat is too high, the strands can be loosened or individual strands can fall out of the strut. As a preparation, a heat protection cream or a heat protection spray should always be used. Please note that smoothing the hair can cause splitting and hair breakage. This should not happen too often and only with a maximum temperature of 180 ° C.


Never lie down with wet hair. Carefully brush the hair extension before sleeping and either simply braid a loose plait or loosely tie it together to prevent mattedness.


Pre-stretch the hair before bathing in chlorine and salt water and before a visit to the sauna to a braid. Swim with open hair is absolutely to avoid. Never expose the joints to long and direct exposure to the sun. For long exposure to the sun, a heat protection spray is recommended. When using suncream, self-tanning lotion, tanning spray, etc., care must be taken that the extensions do not come into contact with this, as this can lead to discoloration on the hair. Bind the extensions before applying. Use a moisturizing hair treatment and hair oil after stays in salt and chlorine water. This protects your hair growth from drying out and lends it shine and suppleness. Also in sports activities (fitness, jogging, cycling etc.) bind the hair before to a plait or dutt.


Chemical products can damage the joints and the hair structure. We therefore advise against the chemical treatment of the extensions. If you still want to dye or bleed your hair extensions, please use oxydanten, the max. 6% H²O². After the dyeing, regular repairing haircuts should be used. Since some things can go wrong during the tinting, dyeing and continuous waves, all warranty claims expire in the aftertreatment of the extensions.

Do not use products containing fructis (eg fructis) for hair extensions. The fruit juice contained dissolves the keratin bonding.

The best way to care is our own range of care, which has been optimally adapted to our extensions. Here you can purchase the care products.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you.